Born in the heart of Yangon’s Chinatown in the 90s, Aye Min Thant has spent just one third of her life in Myanmar. But after losing interest in her cultural heritage during her teenage years, regaining that interest in university, and entering a master’s degree program just to study Myanmar, she is back in the city and here to stay.

After being away for so much of her life, she is probably never going to feel fully comfortable driving in Myanmar and is pretty sure she will always overpay for durian. She doesn’t know how to walk without getting her legs dirty during the rainy season and is far too scared of cockroaches to function properly in Yangon. But, if you have random questions about Myanmar health statistics or obscure historical facts about gender stereotypes in during British colonialization, she’s your girl.

Aye Min Thant is a scholar, activist, writer, and professional feminist killjoy and she writes about her experiences of returning to her hometown on this blog.